Welcome, so this is an opportunity for you to either get to know me or check out what someone else may have had to say.  Either way, you probably have something going on in your business that you need to talk to someone else about.

As a Business Consultant specialising in HR, I am able to offer a wide range of support.

When I started this service, my aim was to offer support to organisations who may not need, or be able to afford a full time HR function.

I have extensive Senior Level experience gained in a number of Blue Chip organisations in the Finance and Utility sectors and am a Chartered CIPD member.  During my career, I have benefited from some of the best learning and development available and felt that there may be other people who could benefit from it too.

As the business has established itself, my client base has grown through personal recommendations which, I am pleased to say are usually based on my pragmatic approach, combining professionalism with flexibility to achieve the best results for their respective businesses.

Whilst I may not be the most PR focussed individual and I freely admit that I was reluctant to spend time on a web presence, I do recognise that people may want to get to know me before deciding whether I am the right person for them to work with.

After all, if you are going to trust someone with your business, you should first decide whether you like them.

If this has worked for you and you think we would get on, please give me a call on 07876 710831.